So You Think You Can Dance?

I was praying the other night about some direction regarding a particular client. I had been back and forth about whether or not to proceed in a certain direction with her and, as usual, was referring to my own logic and reasoning for assistance. When I finally got still and quiet enough to stop and ask the Lord for wisdom, His voice came almost immediately, stopping me in my tracks.

He said, “Stop trying to figure it out, and just let Me lead you.”

Instantly an image came to me of a couple dancing ballroom style. They move gracefully across the floor, with movements so fluid and elegant that it seems nearly impossible to imagine them dancing independently of one another. As he leads, she moves with him, her feet effortlessly keeping pace with his as her body follows his every move. They move as one. She does not look at her feet –  her eyes are looking steadily into his.

I got it. The next day, the phone call came that my client was willing to proceed in the direction I was leaning toward. It was her idea.

I am learning more and more to bring God into the everyday operation of my business. He is already there anyway, because He is in me. I am just learning to lean on Him more and let Him lead. He has flawless rhythm, He never lets go of me and the song we are dancing to is uniquely ours – His and mine.

In the marketplace, as in any other arena, simple wisdom remains the same – stop trying to figure it out and let Him lead. Perhaps this is easier said than done, but it is definitely worth it. Let’s dance.


My Mobile Altar

When it comes to finding alone time with God, sometimes you have to take it where you can get it. Susanna Wesley was the wife of a 17th century preacher and mother of nineteen children, ten of whom lived to adulthood. Two of her children were John and Charles Wesley, who founded the Methodist movement. Susanna was committed to a daily time of prayer; if she was unable to find a quiet place to pray, she would often lift her apron over her head as a sign to the children to be extra quiet – mother was praying.

My mobile altar looks like this.

My mobile altar looks like this.

For me, it is not uncommon for my car to be transformed into a mobile altar. Some days my drive time is the only time I have alone with my heart and my Lord, and on those days, He often visits me in very powerful and almost tangible ways.

Yesterday was no exception. I was on my way to the first of three back-to-back client meetings, and as I listened to Michael W. Smith’s Deep In Love With You, suddenly there He was. I was singing along when I was unexpectedly overwhelmed with His presence. Unable to continue singing, I let my heart to do the talking as I wordlessly told Him everything He is to me – my strength, my hope, my fortress, my peace – followed by a long list of everything I know Him to be and what I currently need Him to be.

Then I listened.

This is a crucial part of maintaining a Mary heart. It is very important that we not only pour out our hearts to Him, but take the time to listen to His. He revealed to me something He is wanting to do in my heart and why the struggles I currently face are a necessary of the process. Peace followed.

Of course, by now I have cried all my makeup off and am a tear-stained, sniffling mess. But that’s okay. A tissue and a quick touch-up made me ready enough to face the rest of my day. As for whether or not anyone noticed I had been crying, I don’t know. Honestly, I don’t really care. Even though this kind of encounter with Him may not always come at a “convenient” time, I won’t push Him away and tell Him to come back later. And I won’t be ashamed that my less-than-camera-ready face reveals my messy intimate time with Him.

Mary moments can happen anytime, anywhere. The important thing is that we let them happen. Nothing deepens your intimacy with Him like a good Mary moment.




Hold My Calls

meeting in progress“Mary. That is such a simple, common name for a woman who in one moment quietly made a choice that placed her at the feet of Jesus, and who without a word demonstrated worship in its purest form. Surrounded by things that needed to be done and people who wanted her to do them, Mary set her gaze on the face of Jesus.”  

The above is an excerpt from a post entitled “Martha Gets a Time Out.”  I posted it in 2009 on my personal blog, Grace Notes. (read entire post)

I have been thinking a lot about this post lately, and about my own inner Mary. She is quiet and unobtrusive. She watches intently for an opportunity to come and sit at the feet of this Jesus. When she sees it, she rushes in, taking her place as close as she can get to Him. Eagerly she looks up at Him, her face revealing a heart that is a melting pot of deep adoration and a desperate, insatiable hunger for whatever His presence is dishing up right here and right now.

As a business owner, the demands on my time and attention are numerous. Distractions are everywhere and much must be done. But in the midst of the “stuff” of life and business, the same voice that gently reminded Martha that, “…few things are needed – or indeed only one,” is still calling my inner Mary to come and sit with Him and listen as He shares His heart. Here is where I find the freedom to sit quietly and simply be.

Hold my calls. I’m in a meeting.