About Rachael

While Marketplace Mary is definitely not about me (of this I am certain), in the interest of giving you a little insight into who is behind this, please allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Rachael Wilkins. I live in the Austin, Texas area (my home turf) with my husband, David, who is the love of my life. He encourages my dreams while keeping me grounded, makes me laugh, holds me when I cry, has a thing for old Westerns and classic country music and loves a good game of Scrabble.

As for me, I love the smell of rain, am a sucker for movies that make me laugh and/or cry (the best ones do both), have a serious addiction to tight vocal harmonies and am a firm believer that chocolate is one of the greatest gifts God ever bestowed upon us.

We have a dog, Sheba, who is all about the love and is featured in her own series “The Gospel According to Sheba” on my personal blog, RachaelWilkins.com., where I share from the heart about things funny, inspirational or thought-provoking.

Among the things that occupy my work days are my roles as and as an Independent Associate with LegalShield, Inc. where I help make the legal system accessible and affordable for the common man and the owner of American Heritage Network Radio, an internet radio station featuring classic music, vintage radio shows and other programming for the patriotic heart.

I love this country, or at least the idea of what this country is supposed to be. I believe that America has a God-breathed calling to be a light to the nations and that we must find our way back to Him and His ways in order to fulfill that destiny, and I believe that it is up to the ecclesia (those who embrace the Kingdom of God in the earth) to lead the way.

More than anything, I love to soak in the presence of the Almighty, whether alone with my keyboard or in the company of others who care to join in. For more about soaking worship, here is an interview from 2012 where I shared with Christy Bryson about this style of intimate worship and its role in the Body (click here for interview).

This concludes the condensed version of me. And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.