New Radio Show Coming

studiomicI am excited to announce that Marketplace Mary will be launching a new internet radio show this fall. This will be a live show and will have a unique and fun format, the details of which are still hush-hush until we get closer to launch date.

While we are putting together the format and other show details, I am looking for some input from potential listeners – that’s you. If you are a business owner, a business owner’s wife or a woman in the business world, you are a Marketplace Mary. What kinds of topics would you like to hear discussed on such a radio show?

This is where marketplace and ministry intersect, and I am very excited about where the Lord is leading in this. I am looking forward to serving my fellow sisters in arms, getting to know you more and being a part of what He has in store for His girls.

Please feel free to comment below with any ideas you have. I treasure your input. Until then, abundant blessings on you and yours.