Who is Mary?

Mary is you. And Mary is me.

Mary is the woman who recognizes the priceless value of taking time to sit at the feet of Jesus and simply listen. Temporarily laying aside all of her responsibilities and obligations, her to-do lists and her action items, she sees an opportunity to spend a little time in the presence of the One who knows her best and loves her most – and she embraces it.

Maybe you are a business owner. Maybe you are the wife of a business owner. Maybe you are a woman in the workplace. If any of these describes you, then you are a Marketplace Mary. And this blog is for you.

As women, we readily step into the role of Martha as naturally as breathing – taking care of our families, our homes, our businesses, our ministries and just about everything and everyone else that crosses our path.

This blog is here to awaken the Mary in us all – to call forth the woman who not only listens to the voice of the Lord, but who really takes in what He is saying and soaks in His presence until she is full enough to return to the day-to-day business of living.

Be encouraged. Be challenged. Be Mary in Martha’s world.

“There is only one thing worth being concerned about.

Mary has discovered it, and it will not be taken away from her.”

(Luke 10:42)