So You Think You Can Dance?

I was praying the other night about some direction regarding a particular client. I had been back and forth about whether or not to proceed in a certain direction with her and, as usual, was referring to my own logic and reasoning for assistance. When I finally got still and quiet enough to stop and ask the Lord for wisdom, His voice came almost immediately, stopping me in my tracks.

He said, “Stop trying to figure it out, and just let Me lead you.”

Instantly an image came to me of a couple dancing ballroom style. They move gracefully across the floor, with movements so fluid and elegant that it seems nearly impossible to imagine them dancing independently of one another. As he leads, she moves with him, her feet effortlessly keeping pace with his as her body follows his every move. They move as one. She does not look at her feet –  her eyes are looking steadily into his.

I got it. The next day, the phone call came that my client was willing to proceed in the direction I was leaning toward. It was her idea.

I am learning more and more to bring God into the everyday operation of my business. He is already there anyway, because He is in me. I am just learning to lean on Him more and let Him lead. He has flawless rhythm, He never lets go of me and the song we are dancing to is uniquely ours – His and mine.

In the marketplace, as in any other arena, simple wisdom remains the same – stop trying to figure it out and let Him lead. Perhaps this is easier said than done, but it is definitely worth it. Let’s dance.


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